Apple’s Free App of the Week: Blek

Apple has just updated its Free App of the Week promotion and is giving away Blek for free on both the iPhone and iPad for the next seven days. So if you’re up to saving some extra bucks, be sure to download Blek for free before it returns to its original price of $3.00. Let me give you some of the details about Apple’s Free App of the Week.

Blek Game Awards

The critically acclaimed game title has won the Apple Design Award, Casual Connect Europe’s Best Mobile Game Award and Excellence in Innovation from International Mobile Gaming Awards. The game offers a minimalist controls and game-play making it easy to play and understand by gamer of all ages. There are no particular techniques to master or set of combos needed to play the game.

Blek game screenshot

The goal of the game is simple; players will just have to draw a motion with the line to collect all colored circles while avoiding the black ones on its path. The motion of the line is comparable to doodling. There are various solutions for each of the level and it is a challenge for the players to find the best one.

Blek game screenshot

“If you can doodle, you can play this one-of-a-kind Apple Design Award winner. Just draw a line—any line—and watch it spring to life across the screen, following your gestures to collect colored dots and avoid black holes. But as the holes form increasingly elaborate obstacles, only the most ingenious doodles will do. With endless solutions to every challenge, it’s a stylish, supremely satisfying test of your creativity and puzzle-solving prowess.” – App Store Editors’ Notes

The game offers a simple yet beautiful graphic implementation with the perfect contrasting color of circles to give players less distraction. Here is the video of the game in action.

Blek is available in the Apple App Store for free on both the iPhone and iPad.