Apple’s Free App of the Week: Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Apple has just updated its Free App of the Week promotion and is giving away Pixel Cup Soccer 16 for free starting today up to the next seven days. This will be the perfect time to get your hands on this app with a sure saving of $3.00. Let’s check out more details about Apple’s Free App of the Week.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 screenshot

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a retro-style soccer game with the combination of dynamic arcade and fast paced gameplay. The game will surely bring you back to the 90’s with its pixel art graphics, game design interface as well as its soundtrack. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 features three game modes namely Friendly Match, Competitions and Penalty Kicks. With the approach to simplicity, the game primarily revolves to move, pass, tackle and shoot. The controls also allow you to have different variations of the mechanics, such as charging pass or giving a powerful goal shoot. It is a very unique experience to encounter such a retro designed game to be available on the latest technology devices.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 screenshot

“Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a fully retro, fully refreshing take on soccer. We absolutely love the animation and old-school blips and bloops. While taking on the AI proves a worthwhile challenge, scorching our friends in Party Mode is our favorite way to play.” – App Store Editors’ Notes

The best thing about the Pixel Cup Soccer 16 being free this week is it doesn’t offer any in-app purchases once downloaded. This means that once you have downloaded the game now, you will not have to purchase any in-game currency using real money in order to unlock any features. You can watch the video below to see the game in action.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is available in the iOS App Store on both the iPhone and iPad.