Alleged iPhone 7’s A10 chip and logic board photo surfaces

We have seen a number of circulating rumors and leaked images showing the external design of the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from various sources this past few weeks. However, today’s leak shows us a glimpse of an upgraded A10 chip designed for the upcoming handsets. Not just that, we are also get a look on the upcoming iPhone’s alleged logic board layout.

The leaked images have surfaced on the internet were claimed to be coming from GeekBar, a Weibo account belonging to a Chinese repair shop. Interestingly, we could recall that the same Weibo account have provided leaks and reportedly genuine components for upcoming Apple products in the past.

iPhone 7 logic board leaked image

Over the weekend, an image of the alleged logic board design for the iPhone 7 surfaces on the internet which was first posted on the Chinese social network Weibo. Not much details were given to the photo but it shows that the logic board could still be on its production considering that it doesn’t have embedded components yet.

Along with the alleged iPhone 7 logic board comes the purported image of the A10 processor. Following Apple’s naming convention on its processor upgrades, an A10 chip would be the expected progression as Apple currently embedded its A9 processor chip on the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone SE with minor upgrades for the iPad Pro naming the chip as A9X. The company usually gives the base number models of its chip for the iPhone models each year while putting the X variants for its iPad lineup.

A10 chip leak image

The picture shows a batch of chips having the top row taken to show the label, while the bottom row shows the actual silicon and its ball grid array. Reports suggest that the package has the same number of pins as the A9 chip, possibly indicating that it could sport the same 64-bit LPDDR4 interface. The label on the chip suggests that it was manufactured in mid-July.

Rumors suggests that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will be the sole manufacturer of A10 chips. This comes in reference to the rumored 16nm processor for the Apple Watch 2 to be made by TSMC.