New Samsung Gear VR gets USB-C and a wider FOV

With the release of the Galaxy Note 7 comes the implementation of the USB Type-C, which enables users to easily plugin the device even upside down. This also means that you will need to have a new Gear VR that supports the USB Type-C to match the latest Galaxy Note 7.

The good news is that Samsung also announced the new Gear VR that has the capability of supporting not only the Galaxy Note 7 but also with the company’s recent flagship handsets namely the Note 5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7. While there is not a huge number of differences between the latest and the previous version of the Galaxy VR, there are few main features that will make a huge impact for the consumers that are serious in having their virtual reality experience.

Samsung new Gear VR

The new headset now features a wider field of view equivalent to a 101 degrees compared to 96 degrees on the recent model. This improvement on the FOV of the headset gives users an enhanced sense of immersion to the virtual reality world. It also now features an all new touchpad sensor, gaining a larger flat layout and smoother feel in its texture. In addition to the touchpad sensor is the new dedicated button to quickly bring you back to Oculus Home screen thus getting to the menus faster while also retaining the back button for those who desires to go through the menu on a step by step manner.

When it comes to the aesthetic design, the Gear VR now gains more cushion to deliver more comfort feel when you wear it and at the same time being more intact on the skin. It also now offers a variation of color with a mixture of black and blue color addressing the consumers’ complaint about the previous model’s all-white color.

Gear VR modular USB Type-C

The last major change in the Gear VR is the headset’s native peripheral port, which is now a USB Type-C connector matching the new Galaxy Note 7. Giving the ability to support the older Galaxy S6 and S7 series, the company has made it to be a modular USB Type-C connector so you can just easily take the piece out of the headset and replace it with the micro-USB connector module if you’re using an old model of smartphone.

Overall, the new Samsung Gear VR is a more polished and comfortable version of the company’s originally released VR headset. It is priced for a $100 but you can get it for free when you do a pre-order of the Galaxy Note 7 between August 6 to 15, 2016 from Lazada PH by visiting the link for Black Onyx or Gold Platinum available color.