Google Web Rangers PH 2016 sign up begins

Google Web Rangers PH has just started accepting new batch of participants from the Philippines to promote its Digital Literacy campaign among the youth. The program aims to educate young Filipino netizens about how the internet can be an empowering tool that can help them to pursue their passions, discover new talents and improving their skills or to simply learn new things that could be relevant to their lives and their future.

Google Web Rangers PH website screenshot

Filipino youths ranging from 15 to 20 years old are invited to sign up and participate in becoming one of the “Web Rangers” this year. Participants are expected to learn more on how they can unlock their potential with the internet aside from just having the internet as their source entertainment.

“We’d like to give the Filipino youth an opportunity to use their creativity in the online space for a good cause. Web Rangers is a campaign and competition that will equip them to look at digital as an extension of their creativity where they can turn their ideas into something impactful and truly meaningful to others.” – Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs

This year, participants will be attending a one day Google program with inspiring speakers to cover information about digital creativity, innovations, and to intelligently use the internet to help them turn their hobbies into a much bigger passion.

Sixty young Filipinos will be selected to join the Digital Literacy event on September 17, 2016. They will be selected based on their answers to the questions during the sign up process in which they can choose among the Web Rangers characters below.

The Innovator – I read through DIYs, Life Hacks and Techblogs, and found a way to apply them to real life. Because there’s always new ways to disrupt the ordinary.
The Analyst – I browse through anything and everything, retaining what I read. Because the more you know, the more you grow.
The Visionary – Where many don’t see possibilities, I see the opportunity for something great and new.
The Inspiration – I love the spotlight, and the spotlight definitely loves me. I entertain and inspire everyone who watches!
The Creator – Music, films, multimedia art or photography, I love creating art out of nothing and sharing it online.

To be awarded in October this year, the winning campaign will be supported by Google Philippines through publicity and outreach.

You can visit Google Web Rangers Philippines website to register online and to check out more details about the program.