Apple’s Free App of the Week: Power Hover

Another game app became available for free for the next seven days starting today as Apple once again updated its Free App of the Week promotion in the iOS App Store. This week, Apple is giving away Power Hover for free for both the iPhone and iPad. So if you’re up to saving some extra bucks, be sure to download the Power Hover before it returns to its original price of $4.00. Let me give you some of the details about Apple’s Free App of the Week.

Power Hover screenshot

Power Hover, developed by Oddrok Oy, is an exciting game about controlling your hoverboard and defying gravity. In this game, players are presented to explore over 30 hand crafted levels with full of surprises. The main goal is to safely navigate your way through each level of desolated world by avoiding hazards and collecting energy to go further. Collecting batteries also helps you to gain better rewards in terms of the game’s currency called energy bolts which gives you better star ratings. There are situations that you will need to pursue a mysterious character who drops batteries or bombs in each run which requires you to react quickly each time.

Power Hover screenshot

“We haven’t seen hoverboarding this cool since the Back to the Future flicks. Oddrok’s fantastic action game lets you grind rails and shoot through half-pipes in levels stuffed with surprises. Rival boarders drop bombs in your path; towering sandworts and lethal lasers dare you to come near. The whole time, an energetic soundtrack and swooping camera give Power Hover an exhilarating, cinematic feel that’s like pure adrenaline.” – App Store Editors’ Notes

The game also features some physics and resistance making you feel the weight and momentum as you move freely towards the left or right direction. Players will need to tap and hold on the left or right side of the screen in order to move towards the desired direction while having to maintain a good control over the hoverboard. Additional game features include an amazing graphic elements and environment with beautiful pseudo-low-poly art style, small interactive cutscenes and an original soundtrack from the Retry musician Ted Striker. To give you more excitement, take a look in the game trailer video below.

Power Hover is available in the App Store for free on both the iPhone and iPad.