Microsoft Pix could replace iOS camera app

Introducing the Microsoft Pix, a new intelligent camera app that lets you capture photos without the need to struggle on configuring camera settings. While the iPhone camera is one of the most used and popular camera when it comes to taking pictures as reported by Flickr and Instagram, Microsoft has just came up with its own app that does the job much better than just the iPhone camera app itself.

Microsoft Pix App Store screenshot

The app is packed with so many great features which makes taking best photos on your mobile just a tap away. Microsoft Pix displays no user controls to be set by the user in order to take good photos, instead it is controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that works behind the lens to automatically adjust the settings to give you the best results.

Microsoft Pix App Store screenshot

Smart Settings

The magic of its AI starts from the moment you open the app and as soon as the camera’s viewfinder is engaged. Microsoft Pix is automatically buffering photos and continuously analyzes the scene and adjust its own setting such as sharpness, ISO, exposure and brightness to ensure you are getting a good shot. Once the shutter button is pressed, the app captures a burst of photos and picks the best out of the burst collection. It then shows the before and after shots to give you comparison and allows you to choose the version you prefer.

Below is the side-by-side comparison of a photo taken from iOS camera app and Microsoft Pix.

Microsoft Pix: iOS camera app sample
Photo showing a sample image taken using iOS native camera app.
Microsoft Pix sample photo
The same scene captured using the Microsoft Pix app.

Face Recognition

Another great feature of the app to the face recognition. The app detects faces in the viewfinder and makes the entire process to be optimized around them. Its artificial intelligence can even recognize the people traits such as having their eyes open or if the person is smiling.

Live Images

To compete against Apple’s Live Photos, Microsoft Pix features the ability to create a short, looping video by means of stitching each frames from the burst to create its own Live Image. To efficiently save storage, the app only saves Live Images when it senses movements while taking photos.

You can read more about the Microsoft Pix features in the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Pix is available in the App Store for free.