Genius iPhone case lets you perfectly catch a Pokémon

Many gamers from around the world already have shared their experiences on playing the augmented reality game Pokémon GO. Many have shown how challenging it is to catch a Pokémon. Catching a Pokémon can be frustrating at times as it requires users to have a perfect aim in swiping their fingers on their smartphone’s screen in order to virtually throw a Pokéball and successfully catch a Pokémon.

The good news is you will have to worry no more about your Pokéballs being wasted. A clever accessory surfaces in the market today that will aid you in having perfect aim each time you try to catch a Pokémon. The accessory, which is made for the iPhone 6 needs to be attached on your smartphone’s display in order to use it. Dubbed as the Pokéball Aimer, this 3D printed accessory was designed having a finger sized gap on the middle which eventually turns as a guide to launch a perfect straight gesture whenever you swipe on the screen.

Photo: Pokeball aimer iPhone case

The accessory was created by a 3D designer named Jon Cleaver. The clever idea comes the aim to provide a perfect solution for those players who are struggling hard on catching their Pokémon. But there is a catch, the accessory is not available for sale on the market, instead it is a 3D print plan which requires you to have a 3D printer to print the model. Also, the print plan is designed only to fit an iPhone 6 although the designer mentions that he will provide other designs to fit other smartphones if there is enough interest.

For those who are interested, you can head on to My Mini Factory to download a copy of the Pokéball Aimer 3D layout for free.

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