Apple’s Free App of the Week: Super Arc Light

It’s Friday once again, Apple has just updated its Free App of the Week promotion and is giving away Super Arc Light for free for both the iPhone and iPad for the next seven days. So if you’re up to saving some extra bucks, be sure to download the Super Arc Light for free before it returns to its original price of $2.00.

Super Arc Light screentshot

Super Arc Light by Channel 4, is a minimalist arcade shooter game themed with geometric figures and radial motion strategy. Recently receiving an update, the app now introduces new weapon system and play mode to give users the opportunity to see more and get further onto the game.

Your main objective is to protect your base by attacking the approaching enemies around you. The tricky and challenging part is when these enemies started to come from different sides and lines up to various formations circling towards the center base.

“The more we play this ingenious arcade shooter, the more it blows us away. Revolving back and forth along a circular track, blasting ships before they reach your base, seems pretty simple at first. But the brilliant one-touch control scheme—where firing also changes your direction—adds a deeply compelling wrinkle. When everything clicks and you’re timing your shots just right, it’s absolutely exhilarating. And the catchy soundtrack, gorgeous minimalism, and prevailing sense of polish just make the quest for high scores that much better.” – App Store Editors’ Notes

The control of the game is fairly simple; your ship will automatically move in one direction and you need to hold your finger on the screen to start firing towards the incoming enemy objects and at the same time, it will also make your ship to rotate slower. Once you lifted your finger, your ship will start to go towards the opposite direction. Power ups will spawn over time which gives you powerful weapon and helps you to survive longer throughout the game. This app is an addition to the list of games that loads quickly and can be played with just one hand. To give you more idea on how the game is played, you can check out the video below to see the game in action.

Super Arc Light is available in the App Store for free on both the iPhone and iPad.