Effectively manage your data using Globe Switch

It is definitely a good thing for Filipinos to have the full control of our smartphone’s data usage as we are very much known to always be concerned on how we will be able to get the most value out of our money. Having this in mind, Globe Telecom, one of the leading mobile services provider company in the Philippines, gives Filipino mobile users and its subscribers the ability to effectively manage the data usage on their mobile by introducing the Globe Switch app.

The Globe Switch app offers its Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers an interface to monitor and control their data usage whenever they are on their mobile internet. This will be a very good companion app specially for the users who are subscribed into a volume based data packages. Since the Globe Switch app is exclusively released by Globe, it has the edge in giving users the perspective about their remaining prepaid credits, plans and subscription information. Having this is what separates Globe Switch from other data monitoring app that are already available in the market.

Photo: Globe Switch app

“Giving our customers an enriched and immersive digital lifestyle entails giving them full control of their access and spending. Globe Switch solves that need by curating a great selection of trending app deals and at the same time giving users a way to understand their usage and freeing them from unwanted charges.” – Issa Cabreira, Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business

The app has three main functions namely Offers, Usage and Control. When you launched the app, you will be presented with these functions located on the top portion of the app’s user interface separated by tabs. The Offers tab lets you see what are the current offers and best deals that are exclusively available within the Globe Switch. The Usage tab lets you track which apps are currently having access to and consuming your internet data. This is a very good feature to learn which among your apps are considered to be data hogs. Lastly, the Control tab lets users block certain apps from unwanted data usage to effectively utilize your internet data.


From Google Play Store release notes:

“SWITCH is a Globe-exclusive store that brings you mobile internet access to the most popular apps at the most affordable prices available. Useful control features keep you informed of your mobile internet usage, preventing unwanted charges, so you have full control of your budget. With Globe Switch, you can feel confident to explore a world of amazing deals on mobile internet access like never before.”

Globe Switch is currently available for Android users and can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store.