Google I/O 2016 Extended to take place at Subic

Currently, there are already 534 I/O Extended events happening from all over the world. These events give opportunity for the developers to experience the I/O in various forms such as conferences, roadshow, talks, workshops, live streaming sessions, local demos, hackathons, codelabs, and more. For those who haven’t had the grasp, Google I/O Extended is the local equivalent of Google’s annual developer-focused conference dubbed as the Google I/O. The Google I/O annual event is held and organized by Google and typically takes place in areas within California. In order to reach further with the developers around the world, Google I/O Extended was formed.

Google IO 2016 Extended Subic

In the Philippines, Google I/O Extended is being hosted and organized by Google Developer Group (GDG) Philippines. GDG Philippines is an independent group of enthusiastic Filipino developers who shares common interests and collaborative learning about Google’s developer technology; everything from the Android, Google media and cloud platforms to Google product APIs. Aside from GDG Philippines, there are seven more chapters of Google Developer Groups in the country namely GDG Bacolod, GDG Baguio, GDG Cebu, GDG Cagayan de Oro, GDG Davao, GDG Halsema and GDG Zamboanga.

Photo: Gordon Colllege Olongapo City

This year, GDG Philippines will bring the much-awaited Google I/O Extended Roadshow at Subic. The event will provide a series of talks and workshops for the local participants of Subic, Olongapo and other neighboring cities to help professional and student developers deep dive in the new technologies announced during Google I/O 2016. This will be a one-day event to take place at GC AVR, Gordon College, Olongapo City on Saturday July 23, 2016 and will start at 8:00 AM. To give you more details about the event, you can check the schedule below.

Google I/O Extended Subic Agenda

8:00 AM Check-in 1 hour
9:00 AM Welcome Remarks, House Rules, Agenda, Prize Instructions
30 minutes / Adam Ray BaguyoJonah Micah Mananghaya
9:30 AM Keynote
1 hour / Darth Vidar
10:30 AM Google I/O 2016 Experience
15 minutes / Cristine Chen
10:45 AM What’s new in Android
30 minutes / Jomar Tigcal
11:15 AM Building IoT Apps with Firebase
30 minutes / Elymar Apao
11:45 AM Sponsors’ Talk
30 minutes
12:15 PM Lunch
45 minutes
1:00 PM Breakout Sessions
2 hours
4:30 PM Closing
30 minutes

Google I/O Extended Subic Workshop

1:00 PM Design Thinking
2 hours / Cristine Chen
Firebase for Web
2 hours / Joyce Guiao
Codelabs: Android Nougat
2 hours / Jomar Tigcal
Codelabs: Progressive Web App
2 hours / Juvar Abrera

You can also check out the GDG Philippines advertisement for the other upcoming Google I/O 2016 Extended Roadshow in the video below.

The registration is free and the deadline for the Subic event will be until 6:00 PM today, July 20, 2016. Participants can register online by visiting this link. So hurry up and save your seats.