Apple’s Free App of the Week: Super Sharp

Heads up to all casual game fans, Apple has just updated its Free App of the Week promotion on Thursday and is giving away Super Sharp for free for both the iPhone and iPad for the next seven days. So if you’re up to saving some extra bucks, be sure to download the Super Sharp for free before it returns to its original price of $2.00. Let me give you some of the details about Apple’s Free App of the Week.

Super Sharp screenshot

Super Sharp, created by the famous game developer 1Button SARL, is a puzzle game that lets you solve a number of 120 uniquely designed physics-based stages by means of cutting through platforms, ropes and obstacles. The main task of the game is to cut or slice objects from any direction by sliding your finger across the screen. The challenging part of the game is the presence of object’s physics that mimics the gravity in a real world. Users will have to think and figure out the precise direction from where to cut or slice the objects in order to complete the levels and become a cut master.

“There’s just something incredibly elegant about Super Sharp’s minimalist puzzles. With a single swipe, you can cut through platforms, ropes, and obstacles, sending the pieces careening offscreen. Causing them to fall in just the right manner is the only way to complete each of the crisp, physics-based stages. As in 1Button’s Mr Jump, the later levels require some serious trial and error, presenting you with uncuttable pendulums, rolling spheres, and gravity-defying platforms. But the smart gameplay makes every puzzle a delight.” – App Store Editors’ Notes

To give you more idea on how the game is played, you can check out the video below to see the game in action.

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Super Sharp is available in the App Store for free on both the iPhone and iPad.