How to Revoke Pokémon GO’s Access to your Google Account

If you are concerned about Pokémon GO having full access to your Google account, in this post we will give you a guide on how to revoke such access. Uninstalling the app itself is not enough to revoke the app’s access to your Google account. In order to fully remove certain app’s access, you need to login to your Google account and view your connected apps and sites found under My Account → Connected apps & sites.

Photo: Connected apps screenshot

You will then be redirected to a page showing a list of the apps connected to your account. You can go ahead and click ‘Manage Apps’ to modify the list. Once you are on the list, simply click the desired app that you wanted to revoke access to your Google account, in this tutorial we will be removing Pokémon GO. If your list doesn’t show Pokémon GO Release, this means that there is nothing to worry as your account is safe and you are not affected. However, if your list has it shown, selecting the app show an expanded view to show you more information on what kind of information you have authorized access for the app.

Photo: Pokémon GO Release screenshot

Clicking the remove button will ask you if you want to confirm the removal of the access for the app with the options ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’. Once you click ‘OK’, Google will immediately remove the app from the list and at the same time revoke its access to your Google account. As an effect, when you launch Pokémon GO once again, it will not work and you will be required to login again. There are some cases where users where still able to continue playing the game even they revoke the access of the app. Congratulations, you have completely revoked Pokémon GO and more particularly its developer Niantic Labs from having full access to your account.

It is best to wait until Niantic Labs announce a fix to this issue before trying to log in again to the game. In case you are stuck in a certain part of this tutorial, please let us know in the comments section so we can assist you.