Apple’s Free App of the Week: Loopimal

Apple has just updated its Free App of the Week promotion and is giving away Loopimal for free on both the iPhone and iPad for the next seven days. So if you’re up to giving your kids a good learning game and at the same time saving some extra bucks, be sure to download Loopimal for free before it returns to its original price of $3.00.

Photo: Loopimal screenshot

Loopimal, developed by Yatatoy, is a musical game designed for kids on ages 6-8. The game basically provides a tool for kids to learn about sounds and music. The main idea is to make a rhythmic melody by means of dragging colorful picture blocks onto a timeline to make the game character dance. Each block corresponds to a specific sound and movement which enables you to choreograph various dances by rearranging the blocks into different sequences. There is a total of six charming animal characters that you can animate in the game and each produces a unique sound.

“An utterly charming way to introduce young kids to music and animation, Loopimal is simple and powerful in a way that almost defies description. Kids arrange and rearrange tiles in sequences underneath a cute polar bear, octopus, and the like, triggering a series of musical tones mirrored by adorable dances from the animal gang. There are no goals and no consequences—just a safe place to learn, play, and laugh” – App Store Editors’ Notes

Photo: Loopimal screenshot

At first, the game will only show one animal and plus button on the upper right side of the screen. Once pressed, the button will enable you to add two or four animals in a split-view that you can configure to arrange the animals in your desired sequence. The game offers endless combinations of sequences to guarantee a long hours of play. To give you more idea, watch the game in action below.

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