Watch: Smart ad brings a heartwarming message

Photo: Smart new logo 2016

A new commercial for Smart Communications Inc., evokes a heartwarming message about acceptance on gender differences. The commercial was simultaneously released on Saturday July 2, 2016 in both the television and social media. Themed as “Break down barriers and welcome change!”, the ad depicts a man who receives a friend request on Facebook from his father and is hesitant on whether to accept or ignore the friend request. Slowly, the one-minute commercial unfolds the reason behind the hesitation and shows how the son got the courage to respond to his father’s friend request. If in case you missed it, you can grab your handkerchief and watch the heartwarming commercial on the video below.

It is an interesting note that Smart, one of the leading mobile services provider company in the Philippines is taking its advertisement into a different heights and approach. Rather than focusing on the features and contents of their services, the company displays how their services affects the Filipino family and community. This new commercial will surely become one of the hot topics on social media in the Philippines specially on the LGBT community. This may possibly be the company’s way to break down barriers and step towards inspiring and informing the Filipino people on accepting gender differences.

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