Android N is now officially Nougat

The long wait is over as Google finally announced on Snapchat that Android N, the latest version of Android, will now officially go by the code-name Android Nougat. It’s an interesting take that for the first time, the company used Snapchat as one of the platform to publicly announce the new name of Android.

It’s been nearly two months since Google announced at its annual Google I/O developers conference that users could submit suggestions for the next major revision of the Android operation system online. When Google announced Android 7 and call out for suggestions of dessert-themed starting with letter ‘N’, many people online suggested names like Nectarine, Nuomici and of course the more famous Nutella. But then Google had chosen the less recognized Nougat which in return presents intensely dividing opinion among its fans. Many people suggested that Google decided to choose Nougat probably because they have faced difficulties in licensing with Nutella.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Nougat a candy made from sugar or honey, nuts, and egg white and is commonly found as the main body of Snickers bar. In Philippines, Nougat became one of the famous candies during the 90’s.

Photo: Nougat candy in Philippines
Photo showing the famous Nougat candy in Philippines during the 90’s. – Instagram photo by @r.e_gram

Even though it’s less exciting than Nutella, Android Nougat is expected to bring new features like improved performance, productivity, upgraded security, improved split screen multitasking, and multi-window support for smartphones. Android Nougat will also have the integration of Google’s interactive Assistant service and better battery efficiency.

This will be a new challenge for Android knowing that the latest adoption rate for Marshmallow is still pretty bleak having only 10.1 percent or equivalent to only 1 out of 10 Android devices runs Android 6 Marshmallow.

What are your thoughts about the latest Android code-name? Are you also thinking of other ‘N’ sweets name? Let us know in the comments section.