Apple’s Free App of the Week: Give It Up! 2

Heads up gamers, Apple has just updated its Free App of the Week promotion on Thursday and is giving away Give It Up! 2 for free for both the iPhone and iPad for the next seven days. So if you’re up to saving some extra bucks, be sure to download the Give It Up! 2 for free before it returns to its original price of $0.99.

Photo: Apple's Free App of the Week Give It Up! 2
Give It Up! 2 is a sequel to the popular hit game Give It Up, that has earned more than 10 million downloads worldwide. It is a rhythm-based plat-former game that revolves around on a task of helping Bob and his friends to make it through the surreal gray-scale world packed with deadly spikes and platforms.

“This rhythm-based plat-former is the kind of game that nestles in your head and won’t let go. Bouncing to a beat, you spring across gaps, between column, and over spikes—struggling to finish each wildly difficult stage. Slick controls make the game easy to pick up and play, but mastering its many challenges won’t come easily.” – App Store Editors’ Notes

Give It Up! 2 screen shot

From the game title itself, you might think that this game doesn’t want you to play at all but I can say that this game is guaranteed to be quite addictive. The game-play is fairly simple. You will need to go along the rhythm of the fast paced beat with just a tapping of your finger with the perfect timing to jump and avoid the hazard or gap and reach a single platform in front of you. The game is likely to be a trial, error and repetition which will make you eager to master each sections of levels.

Give It Up! 2 screen shot

The graphics of the game are also relatively simple having a gray-scale background and spots of vibrant colors but the music will keep you hooked into the game. To give you more idea, watch the game in action on the trailer video.

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