iPhone 7 leaked image shows larger rear camera

Two new images appeared online pertaining to the long rumored design of the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This two leaked images which were claimed to be coming from a Chinese supply chain shows the rear case design of the  upcoming iPhone models.

According to the post by a French site NowhereElse.fr, the first image depicts the back aluminum side of the upcoming 4.7 inch iPhone 7 showing that the antenna bands no longer run across the rear case and instead only limited to the edges of the casing. This new antenna bands design widespread rumor was many times  supported by articles form a Chinese blogging site Weibo.

It also reveals the larger protruding camera cut-out which go along with the rumors that the device will feature a larger back camera with likely improved CMOS sensor.  Unlike the other leaked images on past months and due to the quality of the image, it is difficult to see if there is only one or two holes in between the lens aperture and camera flash which was previously suggested to have a possibility of stereo recording.

iPhone 7 leaked image
Leaked photo showing the aluminum back casing of iPhone 7.

On the other hand, the second image shows an elongated circle shape enclosure favoring the widely circulated rumors that Apple plans for a superior dual-lens camera to be exclusive for the iPhone 7 Plus.

If you will try to have a closer look on the dual-lens camera location, you can notice that there is a strange square shape opening in middle of the two lens apertures. This may be an indication of a sensor or port of some kind as suggested by nowhereelse.fr. This is an unusual take on the design of the iPhone considering the previous models.

iPhone 7 Plus leaked image
Photo showing the back casing and dual-lens of iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple is expected to ship its new iPhone in September this year. Both handset models are also expected to have an upgraded processor namely A10 processor chip, improved water resistance and faster Wi-Fi and LTE.